SS-W (Super Soil)

3 Cuft Compressed bales, Loose volume is approximately 34 gallons or 127 litres. 55-60 lbs

Avoid Mistakes, Increase Margins, Improve Efficiency. All ingredients are 100% organically sourced and organic certified. A selected blend of Canadian ingredients include:

Mycorrhizae, bone meal, blood meal, perlite, kelp meal, fish bone meal, Wollastonite, worm castings, basalt rock dust, gypsum, yucca, dolomite lime, alfalfa meal and humic acid.

The soil is aged with our unique StepWell Soil HP-W Mix. This provides a superior no till base with flexibility for nutrient input based on grower demands from start to finish. It Can be used as a vegetative top dress, tea and plug and play super soil that requires a clean water source free of chlorine.

Recommended Use: Indoor or outdoor. Cannabis, Seedlings, Transplanting, Veg & Flower, Mother plants

For indoor/outdoor/greenhouse: Annuals, Perennial, Pots, Fruits & Vegetables and Herbs

Retail Price ranges from $65-$75 (depending on area)

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For  wholesale pricing please call your nearest retailer or our facility in North York, we are open to the public. You can reach us at 416-661-4621 or email us at 

EM1 (Essential Microbes)

Increase microbe life in your soil by adding EM1. With EM1 the life of your soil increases and helps break down amendments even faster, in turn the plant will be able to feed more. The microbes are a lactobacillus that are preserved in organic molasses. Growers can start applying Em1 to their gardens 2-3 weeks from seedling or immediately with clones. This can be added to the soil once a week or used as a foiler spray in vegetation stage. Dilution rate is 1ml of Em1 to 1000ml of water. Each bottle of Em1 is 238ml. Ask us about our larger amounts.

$25/ 238ml Bottle (includes Shipping in Canada)

HP-W ( High Porosity Mix)

3 Cuft Compressed bale, Loose approximately 34 gallons or 127 litres.

The industry standard. Used for growers looking for high drainage, high porosity with OMRI certified perlite for optimal watering control and flexibility. Peat based and sourced from younger bogs, this provides a superior peat that is used widely amongst professional growers.

$20/bale, Only available for pick up at our main facility.

Recommended Use: For Cannabis; Seedlings, Cuttings, Transplanting, Veg and Flower, Moms For indoor/outdoor/greenhouse: Annuals, Perennial, Pots, Fruits & Veg. Herbs